About Me

My name is Gloria D'Azevedo and I'm currently a Data Scientist at Canada Post but I love to knit, crochet, and drink tea in my free time.

I recently graduated from Cornell University with a Master's degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) with a concentration in Data Analytics. Courses that I have taken focus on simulation, data mining, and revenue management. One of them, "Learning with Big Messy Data" has a project component where we process and analyze a data set to build a model and make predictions from, using the techniques we are learning in the course. At Cornell, all master's candidates work on a capstone project throughout their last semester. The project that I contributed to is a model and tool that matches Cornell Engineering freshmen to faculty advisors and schedules the section times. The resulting tool combines Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) along with Python and the optimization software AMPL (http://ampl.com/).

If you are interested, you can view my projects on GitHub.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo in June 2016 with a Bachelor's of Mathematics in Statistics, Mathematical Finance, and Actuarial Science.

I'm passionate about learning and solving problems in different industries. I've had internships in telecommunications, research, casino table gaming, social network advertising (Facebook), and consumer packaged goods (CPG). I have also completed research-based internships between 2010-2012 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory through the Oak Ridge High School Math Thesis program as well as through the Research Alliance in Math and Science program. A comprehensive list of past jobs can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, Zumba® dancing, knitting, and crocheting. A list of books that I've read recently can be found here. In addition, I've recently started working out and I enjoy a variety of fitness classes such as Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat.

Please feel free to reach out via email: gad87 (at) cornell (dot) edu.