Costco Product Review: Frozen French Onion soup by Cuisine Adventures

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Costco Price:

$11.99 for 6 soups - about $2/soup

Packaging and Preparation Remarks:

When I first opened the box, I was expecting the soup to already be in the package to bake or microwave. To my surprise, they were just frozen cylinders of soup with cheese on top, all nicely vacuum sealed. They were smaller than I expected for the size of the box so I was a bit surprised. There were 6 in the box so I allocated one soup for myself and 2 for my husband. I didn't have the pictured stoneware but I used 2 cup sized circular Pyrex containers to place the soup cylinders in before putting them in the oven. I imagine that you could use Corelle bowls as well but I know they have an temperature upper limit of around 350 degrees Fahrenheit so I didn't want to risk that. The oven instructions said that it would need 40 minutes for one soup so we started with 45 minutes for 3 soups and eventually increased it to an hour, waiting for the cheese on top to melt and become golden brown. We currently do not have a microwave so we couldn't test those instructions.
Final results after baking in the 2-cup Pyrex containers

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